Welcome To Aurora RC

Why Choose Aurora?

You’ve invested your hard earned time and money and you and your plane(s) deserve the best! Aurora kits mean reliability and dependability that you can count on. We use dedicated driver’s that make our kits more dependable and longer lasting and prevent the LED’s from over heating and burning out. No thermal runaway with our kits. Our kits are time tested and are being used by competition and recreational pilots all over the world. Our kits use only one single solid wing stem (patented design) which means less drag, better viewing, and able to withstand the most aggressive 3D maneuvers. We include tail lights so the tail is clearly lighted. We also include plenty of wiring so we can accommodate various wing dimensions. Additionally, our Competition Series runs off of LiPo batteries which are best suited for propulsion and typically lighter in weight, and less expensive. Better yet, we are in stock on all kits and can ship within 72 hours of receipt of order(s), or sooner by request. No one offers more wing light kits than Aurora RC. We have a kit for your plane no matter how small or how large.


Night Flying Joe Smith flying a 71
AJ Slick after dark
Jase Dussia Night Flying
at Joe Nall 2014