For Vehicle Type: Airplane

Model: Aurora
Scale: Up to 42%

Part: Competition Series- Lighting system

Kit Includes:

  • 4x SUPER BRIGHT 20-watt LEDs (140 degree viewing angle)
  • Two Led Drivers
  • Wire 22AWG 110″
  • JST connectors
  • Wing mounts on stems
  • Runs off of any sepaerate 3 cell LiPo battery
  • Minimum mah – 2100

Loads of light! 3600 mah battery runs approximately 45 minutes. If you need more light, simply purchase another kit, but this will light up your 35% well. You will not find a brighter kit on the market or at this price. No need to look elsewhere!

Includes tail lights
4 x high power 3 watt LEDs (140 degree viewing angle)
The kit includes left/right carbon posts (soldered & built), driver board assembly, wire and connectors

(patented system)

Price: $179.96